The DAWN programme is a global Novo Nordisk initiative in collaboration with the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and an international expert advisory board. Its aim is to improve the health and quality of life of people with diabetes by facilitating concrete initiatives and best practice sharing worldwide to overcome the psychosocial barriers to effective self-management.


The PSAD developed a longstanding and close collaboration with DAWN during the past meetings. In those DAWN meetings the PSAD members discussed with other experts in the field how to improve translation of PSAD research.

In 2008, the 4th International DAWN meeting was held in Cagliari, Sardinia (Programme), on pediatric psychosocial diabetes research. In the Year of the Child with Diabetes the aim was to unify efforts to improve care for psychosocial needs of families with children with diabetes guided by these efforts. This DAWN workshop was aimed primarily at PSAD Members attending the annual PSAD meeting and key experts, organizational representatives and advocacy groups engaged with the promotion of applied psychosocial paediatric research in the DAWN Youth initiative.

In 2007, the 3rd International DAWN meeting took place in Brussels, Belgium (Programme). In the UN year of the child one objective of this meeting was to identify key psychology-driven actions for improving psychosocial support for children with diabetes via DAWN YOUTH initiative. The PSAD supported the DAWN Youth initiative to play a crucial role in promoting diabetes psychology globally.

In 2006, the PSAD scientific spring meeting on self-management oriented diabetes education was held in conjunction with the 3rd International DAWN summit on diabetes education. The need for self-management oriented diabetes education has been one important result of the DAWN study. The psychological aspects of diabetes education were reflected and highlighted.

In 2005, the 2nd International DAWN meeting was held in W├╝rzburg, Germany (Programme), on the implementation of psychosocial care guidelines in diabetes care. The purpose of the meeting was to initiate concrete projects to facilitate the implementation of psychosocial treatment guidelines into diabetes practice in the countries represented by the delegates. One immediate outcome of this meeting was the implementation of psychosocial guideline within the IDF Guidelines on Management of Type 2 Diabetes.

In 2004, the DAWN first guideline meeting (attended by experts from PSAD, IDF and DAWN study group) was held in conjunction with the 9th PSAD meeting in Amsterdam to seek consensus on key psychosocial recommendations for the upcoming global IDF Type 2 guidelines.