Our Scope

The international PSAD Group is a network of more than 200 members around the world. Most members are based in Europe (where the PSAD began), but our community extends to many other parts of the world, including USA, Canada, Australia, and South America. Members are united in their common interest in the psychosocial aspects of diabetes. Our members include researchers from many disciplines, clinicians, and people with diabetes.

The international PSAD Group has longstanding relationships with diabetes associations, research centres, and industry partners across the globe. 

We convene annual PSAD scientific meetings, in addition to other events and symposia, e.g. at international conferences. All our events are designed to promote the quality and impact of psychosocial research in diabetes.

The international PSAD Group includes four active special interest groups: the European Depression in Diabetes group; the Children, Adolescent and Emerging Adults group; the Patient Reported Outcomes group; the Early Career Research Group.