Early Career Researchers Working Group (ECR)

The PSAD’s ECR Working Group was launched in 2021. It is co-chaired by Amy McInerney (Ireland), Mandy Jansen (Netherlands), and Uffe Søholm (Denmark).

The aims of the ECR Working Group are to promote networking, research opportunities, mentoring and professional development for ECR PSAD memere, and facilitate the aims of the PSAD Group by:

  • Promoting ECR peer connection and collaboration
  • Organising workshops and knowledge sharing meetings on topics of interest
  • Facilitating peer and traditional mentoring opportunities within PSAD
  • Notifying ECR members of employment, professional development, conference , grant and other opportunities
  • Supporting the growth of PSAD online communications, through promotion of ECR research (e.g. via Twitter and blogs)

Who can join?

The PSAD ECR Working Group is an inclusive space, welcoming all PSAD members who are current students and/or junior researchers (e.g. within 5 years of conferral of their highest University degree).

How to join?

The ECR Working Group has an active member-only Facebook page and WhatsApp group. 

To join, contact PSAD member and ECR Working Group Co-Chair, Amy McInerney: Amy.McInerney@ucdconnect.ie

You can also get in contact via Twitter: #PSAD_ECR