PSAD Spring Meetings

Since 1997 the PSAD Study Group organises annual scientific meetings (“PSAD Spring meetings”). The annual PSAD Scientific Spring Meetings provide an excellent forum for presentations furthering our understanding of the psychosocial aspects of diabetes by experienced and more junior researchers alike. Presentations will be accepted in two categories (Completed work and Work in progress). The abstracts will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.

For more information, please contact the Honorary Secretary.

Upcoming PSAD Spring Meetings 

PSAD Scientific Spring Meeting 2020
23th-25th April
Milton, Keynes, United Kingdom

Past PSAD Spring Meetings:

The 24th PSAD Spring Meeting, Malaga, Spain, April 25-27, 2020

Program and abstracts 2019 Malaga

The 23rd PSAD Spring Meeting, Verona, Italy, May 3-5, 2018

Program and abstracts 2018 Verona

The 22st PSAD Spring Meeting, Cluj, Romania, May 5-7, 2017

Program  and  abstracts  2017  Cluj

The 21st PSAD Spring Meeting, Würzburg, Germany, April 15-17, 2016

The 20th PSAD Spring Meeting, Malmö, Sweden, April 17-19, 2015


The 19th PSAD Spring Meeting, Santpoort, The Netherlands, May 9-11, 2014



The 18th PSAD Spring Meeting, Zadar, Croatia, April 12-14, 2013



The 17th PSAD Spring Meeting, Ljubljana, Slovenia, April 20-22, 2012

Programma PSAD 2012 Ljubljana (387 KB)

Abstracts PSAD 2012 Ljubljana (1295 KB)

Photographic impression PSAD 2012 Ljubljana (1011 KB)

The 16th PSAD Spring Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2011

Report PSAD 2011 Cambridge (104 KB)

Abstracts PSAD 2011 Cambridge (253 KB)

Programme PSAD 2011 Cambridge (281 KB)

The 15th PSAD Spring Meeting, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2010 

Due to the eruption of a famous volcano in Iceland named Eyjafjallajökull,

the airspace in swathes of Central Europe was closed. Therefore the PSAD Spring 2010 meeting was postponed to the annual EASD conference. So the 2010 PSAD meeting took place – in a different and smaller format – on Monday 20th September in Stockholm, Sweden.

Abstracts PSAD 2010 Cambridge (257 KB)

Programme PSAD 2010 Cambridge (283 KB)

The 14th PSAD Spring Meeting, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2009     

Abstracts PSAD 2009 Dubrovnik (279 KB)

Programme PSAD 2009 Dubrovnik (371 KB)

Report PSAD 2009 Dubrovnik (21 KB)

The 13th PSAD Spring Meeting, Cagliari, Sardinia, 2008       

Abstracts PSAD 2008 Cagliari (364 KB)

Programme PSAD 2008 Cagliari (364 KB)

Report PSAD 2008 Cagliari (20 KB)

Participants of the PSAD/DAWN Meeting 2008 (54 KB)

The 12th PSAD Spring Meeting, Brussels, Belgium, 2007   

Abstracts PSAD 2007 Brussels (209 KB)

Programme PSAD 2007 Brussels (199 KB)

Report PSAD 2007 Brussels (58 KB)

The 11th PSAD Spring Meeting, Florence, Italy, 2006     

Abstracts PSAD 2006 Florence (245 KB)

Programme PSAD 2006 Florence (325 KB)

The 10th PSAD Spring Meeting, Wuerzburg, Germany, 2005  

Abstracts PSAD 2005 Wuerzburg (287 KB)

Programme PSAD 2005 Wuerzburg (368 KB)

Report PSAD 2005 Wuerzburg (65 KB)

The 9th PSAD Spring Meeting, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2004          

Report PSAD 2004 Amsterdam (63 KB)

The 8th PSAD Spring Meeting, Klampenborg, Denmark, 2003        

Report PSAD 2003 Hvidøre (166 KB)

The 7th PSAD Spring Meeting, Bled, Slovenia, 2002     

Report PSAD 2002 Bled (55 KB)

The 6th PSAD Spring Meeting, Como, Italy, 2001   

The 5th PSAD Spring Meeting, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2000          

Report PSAD 2000 Dubrovnik (62 KB)

The 4th PSAD Spring Meeting, Windsor, U.K., 1999 

The 3rd PSAD Spring Meeting, Madrid, Spain, 1998 

The 2nd PSAD Spring Meeting, Walldorf, Germany, 1997 

The 1st PSAD Spring Meeting, Helsinki, Finland, 1996